A big thank you to Kim Bociek! I have been treated by Dr. Kim for six years, and I have received nothing but great results! I have been in for sickness, a bummer foot, digestive, and all around balancing. Not to mention her cupping method works wonders on stressed muscles and stagnant chi! Dr. Kim is always cheery, so no matter what I know, my treatment is going to be effective! Thank you for all you have done.
— Whittney C.

I loved my first visit with Dr. Kim, I am experienced in receiving acupuncture and know what to expect. I highly recommend Dr. Kim to everyone, even first timers. You will love your entire experience like I did! Warm, friendly, educational, and considerate!
— Heather B.

Kim is very caring and sympathetic. Gentle and calming environment for people of all ages.
— Susan G.

Dr. Kim is compassionate, very knowledgeable and truly cares about you as a person! She takes the time to learn about you, what your needs are and develops a plan to help you as a whole. Every time I leave, I feel energized and hopeful. Thank you!
— Isabel D.

I’m a mechanic and have back, shoulder, and knee pain all the time. Acupuncture Physicians Group is great! They have a wide spectrum of knowledge, and I highly recommend calling them today!
— Jim D.

Dr. Kim has so many different therapies to help you. I love her diagnostic program that shows where your body has issues so she can really target her treatment. I had a serious needle phobia going in but she calmly helped me through, and also offered many needle free options (the needles were painless though). I’m a big fan of acupuncture after my treatment today!
— Stacy S.
I’m about 2 hours late for this check in, but that’s because I was so relaxed! Kim Bociek has been a blessing to my health. I finally feel like I have control of my migraines. We reviewed my results and elimination of meds to determine that I’m 75% better than the day I walked through her doors. I couldn’t have done it without her amazing expertise and to top it off, she’s going to help me go back to my natural weight using a natural trade secret. She’s absolutely amazing and everyone with any ailment should refer themselves to her!
— Danielle F.

Kim is AMAZING! She is very kind, thoughtful, and she is very knowledgeable in her field. I am blessed to have found her. Thank you for helping me with my health.
— Hope S.

Looking to lose over 25 pounds in 1 -2 months? Using professional formulas, specialized menus, and customized acupuncture support with regular testing and email updates, the results speak for themselves.
— Jana B.

Can’t wait to go visit! Love holistic alternative mind body self healing plus acupuncture works! I am living testimony.
— Lori Z.

Dr. Kim is extremely talented in her practice. Before every treatment, she uses her Acugraph equipment to see exactly where your imbalance is and helps talk you through what could be the cause. This way, every treatment is tailored to exactly what ails you. She has a wonderful personality that puts you at ease, and she takes the time to make alternative medicine easy to understand.
— Lauren U.

Kim was amazing. It was a great experience, and she really helped my shoulder pain that has been bothering me for a year! She also takes all kinds of insurance and is very affordable. I highly recommend Kim!
— Charles T.

Dr. Kim is awesome. As an Olympian, it’s important for us to keep our body healthy. Dr. Kim helped me recover and reduce the pain in my hip so I can return to competition quickly.
— Ashley K.
I have been seeing Dr. Kim for the last ten years. I originally started going to her for help with PMS. Now that I’m going through menopause, it’s been a miraculous help for hot flashes! Overall hormonal balance has been greatly helped, and I feel BETTER when I stick to a monthly visit routine. Dr. Kim has also helped with weight loss as I struggle through mid-life gain.
— Maureen P,

So amazing! I was able to stop taking 4 different pain meds with the help I’ve received here.
— Scooter M.
Most excellent! Fantastic and easy weight loss! I didn’t realize how much my pain was limiting me until I became pain free, thanks to Acupuncture Physicians Group and Kim Bociek!!
— Lee G.

We found Kim by referral. She is extremely knowledgeable and able to use various techniques for great results. She is detailed and thorough. Her experience is evident and she shows genuine concern for her clients. We highly recommend her service.
— Kim G.

I was experiencing some pretty severe back pain, and the medication I was taking did not seem to help. So, after a year of “toughing it out”, I was referred to Kim. I looked her up online, and there’s a feature on the website that allows me to check if she takes my insurance, how convenient! I had never really given much thought to the whole acupuncture thing in the past, but I decided I would give it a shot. Kim performed some tests with this machine called an AcuGraph and went over it in detail, following which we began the session. I must say that I felt significant improvement following my very first visit! I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on this for so many years. Knowledgeable & professional. I would absolutely recommend Kim.
— Steven M.